Tense, nerve racking fun in the esl classroom!

This lesson is an elementary level English lesson for middle school based around the game AMONG US, to get kids talking in English about something that interests them and revising the basics in grammar.

If you don’t know much about Among us, it won’t take long to learn. Basically the players are the crewmates on a space ship and they go about the ship doing various tasks. Unbeknown to anyone there are some impostors who kill crewmates. The idea is to communicate in English by sending messages in an allotted time to your crew to decide who the SUS (suspect) is and throw him or her overboard. Delightful, I hear you say!

The rules in class are that all messages in the allotted meetings must be in English otherwise the game (on their phones) will stop immediately!


The powerpoint starts with students choosing their crewmate identity using: ‘My name is…….’ and ‘My colour is….’Each crew member has a nickname, a colour and chooses a hat.

Students take it in turn to ask each other ‘What’s your name?’ ‘What colour are you?’ ‘What hat have you got?’. Slide 3 has a choice of hats to choose from. Here too a chance to revise or practice new vocabulary.

Hat shopping


Before the game starts the group can decide how many emergency meetings to hold, how many tasks to set and how many impostors will be let loose. (Slide 4).

Slide 4


Slide 5 is a chance to revise prepositions. Using the crewmates in the image,the students ask each other the question: ‘Where is blue?’ and so on.

(The boss in the box , in case you’re wondering, was actually my crewmate character,

because….well…..I AM the BOSSSSS)


Slide 6 is a Christmas bonus if you’re in the festive season. The right side is black because the space was used to write down the students’ responses to describing the Christmas picture.

First ask the students to name the objects in the slide and then have them make sentences using the vocabulary words.


In slides 7 and 8 students practice the use of ‘at the top /bottom’, ‘on the left/right’ and ‘there is and there are’, to describe the locations on the space craft.

In slide 8 students describe what they can see or imagine there to be in each room (benches, computers, portholes etc)


Verbs in action

In Slide 9 verbs are used in each room for each task: ‘In Admin I SWIPE the card’, ‘In Shields I PROTECT the ship’. The students who play the game will give you the answers for each task. A great way to learn more vocabulary.

The last slide is a reminder and practice for the things we can say in our meeting slot in the game when we want to communicate. The students will guide you if they are avid players, to the phrases most used by them. This can turn into an occasion to learn slang and contracted forms.

Hope you enjoy!!