Learn or revise school/classroom objects vocabulary presented with an English and American accent while playing a fun guessing game. The memory challenge is at minute 1:30.

Learn classroom objects / school objects / school supplies vocabulary through this fun percussion game. Children follow the rhythm of the music while acquiring or consolidating words to describe common classroom items.

Try this fun memory game to review classroom vocabulary with your students.


A fun lesson finisher and a good memory game to review classroom vocabulary.  The first student must begin the game by stating ‘In my classroom I can see’ and adding a classroom object that he/she can see in the classroom (for example a red desk).  The next student must continue by repeating the sentence the first student said and adding a classroom object of their own.  For example: ‘In my classroom I can see a red desk and a blue pen’.  The game gets harder as each student adds classroom vocabulary to the sentence.