This activity is a team based lesson with points given for accuracy and good team participation. 

First, divide the students into 3 groups (or multiples of three depending on the number of students) give the mountains, hills and beach puzzle pdf (you can either give all three to each group or one puzzle to each group).

Mountain vocabulary
Hills vocabulary
Beach vocabulary

Cut out the puzzles and give them to the students to assemble and stick on card or in their notebook. 

The lesson was originally based on Emilia Romagna geography but it can be used for general geography also or the idea can be adapted to your region or country.

New words can be included in the pdf New word dictionary pdf which is divided into definition of new word, drawing the new word, using the word in a sentence and translation of the word in L1.

New word? Let’s engage!

The next activity is a crossword. The clues are cut out and stuck to a wall randomly (inside or outside the classroom) and the teams look for the clues on the wall and fill in the answers on the crossword. The first group to finish gets extra points.

Emilia Romagna

The map pdf depicts the location where my lesson was held so you will have to adapt it to your city or town and is used as an example.

Each team is given three pages: the first page is a map of the area around the school with a legend, the second is a crossword and the third is a google picture with questions.

The language in the legend on page 1 titled MAP should be reviewed together before the activity begins and the groups, accompanied by an adult, set off around the town.

Reading a map with a legend

Points are given for correct crossword,s, correct answers to the questions and to the group who worked the fastest and worked better together.

The group with the most points wins and there is a prize ceremony.


To repeat and practice new vocabulary you can play pictionary. The teacher writes sentences on pieces of paper that include the new vocabulary, for example the hedgehog is eating an apple under a tree, the eel is making a sandcastle on the beach. The sentences can be easy or difficult depending on the student’s level.

You can find more map reading activities in our ORIENTEERING page (ACTIVITY 5).

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