This children’s classic Halloween rhyme is great for reviewing or learning vocabulary or simply to get in the holiday spirit! The rhyme is repeated 3 times, each time at a faster speed.

Below you can download the lyrics in a colouring page pumpkin.

Halloween Battle is played exactly like battleship. The teacher hands out the Halloween Battle page to each student and the kids fold it in half. The teacher then gives out two strips of the second sheet. The game begins with each student cutting out the images in blocks (3 squares for the jack-o-lanterns, 4 squares for the haunted houses, 2 squares for the spiders, etc.) and glueing them in blocks on the bottom grid of the Halloween Battle worksheet as they choose. They then proceed to cut out the second strip into individual squares NOT blocks. In turn the students try and guess the position of their opponent’s blocks by calling out a letter and a number and if they have a ‘hit’ they place the correct square on the top grid of the Halloween Battle worsheet. The winner is the first to guess all the opponents halloween blocks.



STUDENT 2: Miss!


STUDENT 1: Hit! It’s a ghost! Hit and sunk!