The creation of a lapbook is always a great idea because it engages the students as they put together the pieces to create a learning folder that helps them have an overall view of a topic.

This lapbook is divided into lots of different sections that you can pick and choose from.

Begin by folding your card (file folder) to make the lapbook base

Next create your cover as creatively as you wish. You could use material, feathers, paper or simply colour.

Below you can download our simple title cover idea.

Cut out the templates that you want to use, assemble them and glue them to the inside or the back of your lapbook base in the order you prefer.

This template is for a mini book about the life of Rudyard Kipling. Looking at his family tree your students fill in the gaps to discover a potted history of the author’s life. They can download a portrait of him too!


Cut out the template and cut along the red line.

Then, fold in half horizontally and push the outer flaps towards the centre into a + shape

Finally, fold to create a mini book with the cover page on the front and ‘GLUE TO LAPBOOK’ on the back. Glue to the lapbook base.


Firstly, download  the character sheet and have the students draw the characters and cut out the squares. It’s best if the cut outs are glued to some card.

Based on the level of your students download one of the following worksheets. In the lower level (Characters 1) students are guided to complete the description using short answers (yes/no/colour/number) while in the higher level (Characters 2), students are encouraged to write simple sentences using the verbs to be, can, have got, like  and live to describe them.

The squares can be cut out and glued to the back of the character card.

Front and back of character card 2

The individual character squares, once cut out can be stored in a pocket, (TEMPLATE BELOW).

The pocket template should be folded along the dotted line and the back part glued to the lapbook base. The cards can be slipped inside it so they don’t get lost!


The themes in the Jungle book lesson plan are great for children (and adults!). Themes of acceptance, friendship, growing up and facing fears are central to the book and can lead to interesting conversations in the classroom.

The lapbook ‘Themes’ activity can be downloaded below.


Dowload the template below to create a flipbook about the jungle to add to your lapbook.


To introduce jungle vocabulary download the worksheet ‘jungle-vocabulary’.

The students can then fill in the gaps on the jungle drawing (JUNGLE-VOCAB-WORKSHEET) and it can then be cut out and glued to the lapbook.


Another important part for your Jungle book lapbook, the plot summary. You can download it here. Feel free to adapt and change.

The next download is jungle animal paw prints that can be cut out and glued to the lapbook with their correct names.


The final look of the lapbook, inside and out!

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